About Colorado Dog Photographer Matt Lit

Colorado-based dog photographer Matt Lit has been capturing award-winning images for more than three decades. From his beginnings as a photojournalist and through his career as a commercial and editorial photographer and as a wedding photojournalist his images have always been tied to capturing the moment as described by iconic photographer Henri Cartier Bresson.

His dog photography stemmed from his many dog-owning wedding couples and their wedding engagement photo sessions. His innate ability to work with dogs came through making for portraits the couples loved and more than a few queries about training their dogs!

He still photographs weddings, portraits and advertising lifestyle work.  

Now Matt focuses almost exclusively on capturing dogs’ unique personalities for magazines, advertising and fine dog portraiture. 

He has been owned by dogs since 1985 when he rescued a Coy-dog in Northern New Mexico. 

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Photos: Matt and Aspen winter biking; Matt and his last dog, “Mr. Bear Dog” Photo by Kent Meiries; Bear Dog with his “sister” Glory Girl; Matt doing photography on location in Colorado while Bear helps. 


After co-fostering a rescued White Boxer named Harley he and his friend co-adopted him. He now spends his time equally-joyful at his dad’s and mom’s! 75 pounds of pure social butterfly and lapdog! 

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Matt is also an award-winning wedding photojournalist and people photographer.

More about Matt Lit, his photography and his photography teaching is at MattLitPhoto.com

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