Dog Photography FAQs

dog photography colorado

Great dog photography requires some understanding by the client before a session.

The following are a few requests and suggestions by Matt Lit.

Bark at Matt using the Contact Us page.

  1. Have a dog. ;~)
  2. Bring a brush.
  3. Make sure your dog is walked, peed and pooped before we begin.
  4. If you fully trust your dog off-lead and without a collar this is preferred.
    1. If not and you want clean images with no collar or lead this will require additional photo editing time at an additional charge. 
  5. NO TREATS! Trying to get your dog to respond with treats makes them drool and makes them focus on you, not Matt. 
  6. Watch your energy! Be mellow. Be calm. Trust that Matt has your dog’s attention and help him by responding to his commands! Typically he will want you just behind him and to one side or the other. 
  7. Questions? Be sure to ask! 

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